Increase your income per job, by adding another service to your business.
Whether you're gardener, window cleaner, roof restorer, roof tiler, plumber, cleaner, chimney cleaner or a gutter cleaning company wanting to upgrade their electric 240 volt systems or no ...
Check out what @ezsolarklean has been vacuuming up with his Gutter Master 1030.
Just an example of what this little beast of a vacuum system can do.
Well done @ezsolarklean 👏✊
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Compact yet Powerful
Our Gutter Master 1030 vacuum
✅ 10 Hp keystart Vanguard engine
✅ 3 Years engine warranty
✅ Fits through a standard doorway
✅ Aussie designed and made
✅ Fitted with pneumatic wheels to enable you to simply ...
📢 Announcement 👏
We have now teamed up with @moulamoney to enable you to finance your equipment.
The first three months are INTEREST FREE, therefore if you pay it off within 3 months there are no penalties or interest charges.
New NEW New....
Daniel's Gutter Master 2050 was mounted into his Sprinter van with our NEW waste discharge chute system.
Swipe across to check it out.
Thumbs up are the new HAND SHAKES here at ACS 👍. Keeping those safe ...
📽 Thanks Daniel for the video.
Watch how quickly he cleans those gutters with the Gutter Master 2050 mounted into his Mercedes Sprinter van.
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📢 Upgrade in Tassie
Giles upgraded to our Gutter Master 2030 vacuum system.
Thanks Giles for sending us through these photos.
How great are his ute decals also!
Cannot wait to hear what you put this system through.
#guttermaster #guttermaster2030 ...
Great snap by @proguttervacuum 👌
And look at all that spare room still available in the trailer.
No need to dismantle the interceptor head to reduce the overall height whilst travelling and therefore use more space in your trailer/ute.
Our ...
What a pleasure it was to have Ben come down and collect his new Gutter Master 2050 vacuum system.
Keeping at safe distances of course 🙂
Look forward to seeing how you compare your new system ...
@flyinghighguttervac trailer is now completed with all its signage.
Looking 👌👌👌
Swipe across to check out some jobs he has completed with his Gutter Master 2030 recently.
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Safety always come first, as shown by the team at @roofguttercleaningmelbourne.
Well done team!
Using our Gutter Master 2050 system.
#safetyfirst #guttermaster2050 #appliedcleansingsolutions #roofguttercleaningmelbourne #australianmade
More Gutter Master 1020 Pros being assembled.
These THREE MOTOR vacuums are the most powerful 240 volt vacuum systems you can buy.
Most of the other 240 volt vacuum systems out there are only two motor systems.
These are becoming ...
👏New & Now Available👏
2 inch x 2.5 inch swivel cuff hose end with vacuum break slider.
2 inch x 3 inch non swivel cuffs available soon
Another first for ACS. Continuously innovating for our customers.
#swivelcuffs #newrelease #new #available ...
@sl.insulation @melbourne_insulation_group using our Insulation Master 9000.✊
Check out their before and after shots over on their page @sl.insulation .
Great work to the whole team!
Supporting Aussie made & designed 🇦🇺
#australianmade #australiandesigned #insulationremoval #insulationvacuum #insulationmaster #appliedcleansingsolutions
Insulation Master 9000 excitement!🙋‍♂️
Pleasure to meet you Wayne @climatezone7_ .
We look forward to seeing what you put this machine through.
Our insulation removal vacuum:
Stainless steel body 💪
Aussie made and designed 🇦🇺
Zero wear no maintenance fan ...
Thanks @bendigoinsulation for the great shot of our Insulation Master 9000.
This system vacuums all the old insulation out of roof cavities.
PROUDLY Aussie made and designed!
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Glenn showing us how his Gutter Master 1030 enables you to wheel the system right up to hard to access areas.
Also showing that you can use this system to clean gutters from the ground, using our carbon fiber pole ...
Hi everyone, we hope you are all keeping safe and well.
Please find below COVID-19 current state of trading, until further notice.
Lets get through this together.
The Gutter Master 1030, our portable, industrial Aussie made gutter vacuum system.
💥10Hp Engine 💥Move system around the site
💥100 Litre waste capacity
💥Aussie made & designed with local tech support
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Check this out
Our custom 2050 vacuum system built for our customers servicing the new tram lines in Queensland.
#queensland #2050 #custom #weknowvacuum #acs #appliedcleansingsolutions
Thanks Jared for the pic!
Look at all that room to allow you to place all your other equipment.👌Looks great.
Our Gutter Master 2050 in a two drum tipper spec!
#guttermaster2050 #gm2050 #aussiemade #supportaussiemade #acs #appliedcleansingsolutions
-------One Stop Shop------- Brad has chosen to option his system with 2 x 205L drums with drum tippers, 80 metres of vacuum hose, camera and 12 metre carbon fiber pole kit. These are the most popular options that our customers ...
A quick glimpse of the life of a Gutter Master 2050 mounted onto a Isuzu ute
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💥The 7th Gutter Master 2050 Matt adds to his fleet.💥 Big congratulations to @roofguttercleaningmelbourne for purchasing their 7th Gutter Master 2050.
There's no stopping this team!👊
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⚠️Watch this space.....Currently in development⚠️
Here at ACS we continuously strive to innovate new products and to advance our pre-existing product's.
We listen to our customers.
Lifting your interceptor head off any of our vacuum systems just got easier and ...
💡Continuously innovating for our customers💡
Can you see the condition of your filter?
Our Gutter Master 2050 has state of the art filters/pre filters enclosed in a polycarbonate casing.
This enables you to quickly assess the condition of your filter ...
Our Gutter Master 2050 is now part of the team at @arumaservices.
What a set up.
Swipe across to see the vacuum, trailer, decals and all.
Their Purpose?
"Supporting people to live a great life, the life they want, the ...
Our Gutter Master 2050 trailer or ute mounted vacuum system.
Swipe ⬅️ to see why we are your
Training and mounting also provided
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Adding another service to your pre existing business is exactly what Steven has done.
Steven is now on his way back to NSW with his new Gutter Master 2030 vacuum system with the following options
✊Galvanized trailer
✊Camera kit
✊Carbon ...
On a dual cab ute and still with room!
Michael is now all set up with his Gutter Master 2030 vacuum system on his dual cab ute!
Our system is the most compact in the market. With no need to ...