Compressed air vacuum 357 350x286

  • 100 psi
  • 17.5 cfm
  • 2 metres of 32mm oil resistant hose
  • 32mm extension wand
  • 32mm Crevice tool
  • 32mm vacuum head tool
  • 18 inch squeegee head
  • Camlock drum fitting
  • Also available in a Anti-static kit, Reverse (pump out) Kit and Anti-static Reverse Kit

Super Dragin™ 357 Brochure

Dragin drum vac set up 230x192


This pneumatic powered drum pump is designed to vacuum up waste machine tool oils, hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, sump oil, clean out ship bilges, vacuum up soup/liquid food waste, cooking oils, as well as sludge & metal chip suspended in fluid, EDM Fluids, transformer oils, in fact any fluid that is viscous & will flow.

Super Dragin 357 has been in production since 1988 and this new design is patented in Australia & New Zealand, the original model has been sold in 26 countries around the world, often copied but never matched, Dragin357 has the highest vacuum/air flow ration and economy of compressed air usage in the global market & can operate with as little as 60psi at 9.7scfm it is basically a maintenance free tool as no fluid moves through the pump.

Simply connect the Dragin357 to the ¾” drum plug on a 205 or 60 litre drum, then connect the enclosed hose kit to the 2” drum plug, connect your compressed air supply. It is so fast (it can fill a drum with water in a minute 6 seconds) you will be amazed at the speed & simplicity of use, the chrome float valve (we created the original design in 1988) will shut off the flow when the drum is full, at which point the Dragin 357 & hose kit can be removed, the drum capped labeled & sent off for disposal, job done !

Compressed air vacuum 357 drum vac set up 400x154

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