Compressed air vacuum 350x318

  • 100 psi
  • 24 cfm
  • 3 metres of 38mm oil resistant hose
  • Chrome wand set (2 piece)
  • 18 inch squeegee head
  • Camlock drum fitting
  • Also available in a Anti-static kit, Reverse (pump out) Kit and Anti-static Reverse Kit

Super Dragin™ 484 Brochure

Compressed Air dragin pump 230x218


Super Dragin Pump 484 is designed to vacuum up fluid spills thus allowing you to Recycle or Collect & Capture valuable lubricating oils, being compressed air powered means there is no fear of being electrocuted when working in a wet environment, Dragin484 is capable of filling a 205 litre drum within 2 minutes & when speed counts in dealing with spills or environmental impact then Dragin484 works every time.

Simple in design with no priming necessary simply install the Dragin 484 pump into a ¾” drum plug threaded location, then install the hose kit connections into the 2” drum plug location, connect your 100 psi compressed air line & your up & running, easy to use Dragin 484 will vacuum up the last drop as it produces more vacuuming power & air flow than electric units, so it’s “Safe, Simple & Incredibly Efficient”.

dragin pump spill recovery 230x174

There are no moving parts, so there is no maintenance required, no fluids move through the pump only air flow, the chrome float valve (designed by us back in 1988) is faultless & will shut off the vacuum at the required full fill level within the drum. New design criteria has been developed and is now patented in Australia & New Zealand, Australian manufacturing at it’s best !

Just think about the fact that you can now comply with spill control laws, with a one time cost outlay, no more restocking wheelie bin Absorbent Packs, (Note we also have Anti Static models too!)

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