21th December 2017

Garbage Glutton is real sucker for Launceston

By James Bardy 

 Garbage Glutton is real sucker for Launceston p1


 SLEEK, silent and swift - Launceston's latest garbage street cleansing tool has landed.

The Garbage Glutton, or "Pig" as it has been affectionately dubbed, will be seen in and around the city's streets, accompanied by its own beautification officer.

City of Launceston services superviser Barry Pickett said the electric-powered sucker allowed them to clean the central business district in a non-invasive manner.

"Street sweepers and blowers don't let you get anywhere near the smaller areas to pick up debris," Mr Pickett said.

"The Glutton does, it's a great machine, and one that I've had my eye on for some time, so we were very happy to take its delivery at the depot."

The battery-operated machine has a capacity of 240 litres, and is able to clean anything from cigarette butts to coffee cups and glasses.

Mr Pickett said the addition of the Glutton was part of moving their clean-up fleet into the 21st century, and was not only dust-free, but environmentally friendly.

"It has very little impact with the public, it's very quiet," he said.

"We think it can provide a valuable service to the CBD area in keeping our city clean, it gives us the opportunity to operate at all hours of the day without disturbing the public.

"We're hoping this will be the beginning of the modernisation program with the city services cleansing vehicles."