15th March 2018

Smart Belgium Awards 2017 

233 participants have implemented a smart project in recent months. A professional jury chose 50 nominees and within those chosen 50, The Glutton® Zen®  is one of the projects that nominated.

glutton zen 1

The Glutton® Zen® is a 100% electric street sweeper. Due to its compact form, the device can be perfectly used in city centers with many small alleys. The sweeper is also very quiet so you can also sweep the streets at night or in the morning.

"Our street sweeper does not emit CO 2 or exhaust gases. Lithium-iron phosphate batteries are the latest generation, "says Christian Lange, CEO of Glutton ® Cleaning Machines. Depending on the amount of waste that is collected, the autonomy of the battery is 8 to 10 hours."The recharging of that battery is obviously much more environmentally friendly than filling up a street sweeper of the old generat ion. They consume up to 60 liters of fuel daily. The recharging of our electric sweeper does not cost more than 5 euros. The maintenance costs are even 80% lower ", according to the CEO.


Clean Air

The Glutton ® Zen ® stores its waste in a tank of 850 liters. A filter prevents 99.96% of the dust particles larger than 0.5 microns. "The sweeper does not emit any dust. The air that emits the device is therefore cleaner than the air we breathe normally, "says Christian Lange.


The expelled air is purer than the air we breathe normally

Christian Lange , CEO Glutton ® Cleaning Machines

The electric sweeper takes into account both the comfort of the neighbors and that of the driver."The operator of the device sums up to 8 hours a day in the cabin. We have made it spacious and comfortable enough, "says the CEO.


Own innovation

The ecological street sweeper was developed by 9 engineers from Glutton ® Cleaning Machines.One part was subcontracted. The design was done in collaboration with Inov, an SME from Villers-le-Bouillet, specialized in industrial design. The cabin was developed by Tim, a company from northern France.

"Their experts have succeeded in developing a very spacious cabin that perfectly matches the Inov design. Both partners clearly also had an eye for the human aspect of our innovation, "says Christian Lange.

From April 2018, the 100% Glutton ® Zen ® street sweepers will drive through the streets of Andenne.