The Glutton eating up street waste


With its eco-friendly, super quiet electric operation, the compact manoeuvrable Glutton is providing a significant boost to the city’s street cleaning operations. It operates in near silence and at 750mm wide the Glutton vacuums waste while emitting return air emissions of less than 1 micron.

The Glutton deals efficiently with both industrial and urban waste, paper, cardboard, cigarette packets and butts, cans and glass, plastic or metal bottles, dog faeces, dead leaves, waste trapped in tree grills, wood, steel and aluminium chips etc.

Having all the litter fed directly into a wheelie bin is a highly efficient and effective method of collecting the waste.
Valeta Duncan
Customer Centre Analyst


Following a Lean Thinking Kaizen event held in January for city street cleaning, RDC commissioned two 'Gluttons' which hit the street at the beginning of June. The process of street cleaning in the CBD was reviewed at the Kaizen event in an effort to build on the city’s ‘Keep Rotorua Beautiful’ programme. Areas for improvement were identified, including the upgrading of assets used to clean the CBD seven days a week.

The green trolleys that we used to see around the city were transformed from old Coke trolleys used for selling soft drinks. City Manager Dennis Olliver had acquired a couple of these and turned them into the green cleaning trolleys. They served their purpose exceptionally well but through the Kaizen event we recognised they had come to the end of their life and an improved version was sourced.


  • Old transformed Coke/drink sales machine used to carry around street cleaning equipment, etc
  • Heavy, very old and clunky and difficult to negotiate around the city
  • The box that contained rubbish had to be lifted high out of the 'trolley'. Limited storage space requiring operator to frequently return to base to get rid of rubbish
  • A lot of bending required to pick up rubbish, leaves etc


  • Waste vacuum cleaner is light, maneuverable, very easy to handle, and self propelled
  • Collects all kinds of waste through a tube
  • Capable of removing litter and debris from hard and soft surfaces
  • Enables removal of micro litter in corners and around street furniture
  • Great storage capacity for waste materials
  • Not to mention the great profile it gives the city!