Congratulations Roderick on the new system and thankyou for once again allowing us to assist you in the growth and gutter vacuum needs of your business. The Gutter Master® 2050 just ticks all those boxes, no wonder the demand is so high

  • Lightest vacuum system on the marketing*
  • Lowest profile height*
  • Most compact*
  • Smallest footprint*
  • Australian designed
  • Manufactured here, in Australia
  • The original and longest standing gutter vacuum supplier
  • The latest tooling, filters & vacuum hose design
  • Purpose designed & made
  • Easy to service, easy servicing access

Who doesn't prefer Aussie quality. Gutter Master®, The Vacuum®. Innovates not imitates. *Compared other systems of similar specifications.

Gutter Master 2050
Gutter Master 2050