Litter Master 9000 Leaf and litter vacuum system



  • Vanguard V Twin 23Hp engine

  • Key start system

  • High flow litter vacuum system

  • 10mts Litter Master™ vacuum hose

  • 400 litre capacity litter vacuum bags

  • Simple to remove litter vacuum bags

  • Litter bags are bio degradable

  • No wear litter vacuum fan

  • Vacuum wet leaf and litter

  • Australian manufactured litter vacuum system


Litter Master™ 9000

Leaf/ Litter Vacuum System

Litter Master™ 9000 is the perfect solution for rapid vacuum collection of items such scattered drink cans, plastic bottles, cigarette butts,leaf, broken glass , newspapers, plastic bags, straw, grains, wrappers and other loose rubbish in a fraction of the time when compared with manual litter picking crews.

Hand litter picking is slow and mentally unrewarding work. Your outdoor litter collection staff will love the simple, point-n-pick up, speed and efficiency of our Litter Master™ 9000. This equipment enables rapid collection of rubbish left behind after sporting and social events.

A mobile utility or trailer mounted roving unit would be the ideal way to keep on top of the roadside and park litter and leaf collection jobs. Two highway based hand picking crew members can achieve an average roadside litter collection rate of 1 kilometre per 8 hour shift. Using a vehicle mounted Litter Master™ 9000 the same crew can achieve up to 12 kilometres in 6 hours. A Litter Master™ 9000 mounted on either a standard utility tray back or on its own 8 x 5 custom trailer does the job of 4 to 5 manual litter pickers in a fraction of the time.


Litter Master™ 9000

Litter Collection Made Easy

Litter Master™ 9000 will play a important part as an add-on vacuum cleaning tool to Local Council current street sweeping and park cleaning equipment. Perfect for vehicle congested, narrow lane ways. Brilliant for playing field and stadium litter cleaning operations.

Landfill tip operators now have a tool to rapidly vacuum clean wind blown plastic bags. Landfill stations will enjoy the unique bag collections system of the Litter Master™ 9000. Vacuumed plastics and bags will no longer make their way again to the fence lines after they are cleaned with the Litter Master™ 9000. The bag system ensures that the collected/ vacuumed waste is contained in the collection bag fitted into the Litter Master™ 9000. As a bonus Litter Master™ 9000 picks up all micro litter such as cigarette butts, candy and gum wrappers with ease. This versatile tool is also useful for vacuuming grass clippings, bulk leaves, seed and nut harvesting, plant waste, plastic pellets, sawdust, shredded paper, poultry feathers and other loose fibres.


Industrial Leaf/litter Vacuum system Litter Master 9000 Industrial Leaf/litter Vacuum system Litter Master 9000

Litter Master™ 9000

Outperforms All Regular Petrol Vacuums

Litter Master™ 9000 is powered by the latest generation, electric start Vanguard Petrol engine. High static pressure is generated by Litter Master's™ uniquely powerful, 12 blade turbine impeller fan, which is unlikely to ever require maintenance.

You will achieve substantially greater productivity with very high airflow rates using large diameter 8 inch or optional 5 inch duct hoses. Straight through suction means no impeller fan to snag and zero abrasive fan wear, unlike low performance, suction through the fan scroll leaf litter vacuums.

This improved design means no more cross contamination of finely shredded litter which is better for environmentally important litter sorting and recycling. Litter Master's™ horizontal layout allows it to use low cost disposable bio-degradable 400 litre capacity, biodegradable collection bags.

Litter Master™ 9000 is simple and easy to operate and has been constructed to be intrinsically OH&S safe. The lightweight, hand held "Gulper Tube Tool" has the same comfortable, anatomically correct handle layout as modern grass line trimmers. The tough Australian Made Litter Master™ 9000 is robustly engineered to provide a long service life with minimal maintenance requirements.

This vacuum system is perfect as a contractor grade, income producing or labour saving tool that will quickly pay for itself. For an obligation free discussion to find out how the versatile Litter Master™ 9000 can save you time or make you money, simply pick up the phone and call us today.


Litter Master™ 9000

Leaf/ Litter Vacuum System

Watch as the team from Statewide Commerical Vacuuming, vacuuming the range of litter and debris with ease.


Leaf/litter Vacuum system Litter Master 9000
Leaf/litter Vacuum system Litter Master 9000
Leaf/litter Vacuum system Litter Master 9000
Leaf/litter Vacuum system Litter Master 9000