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Industrial vacuum system Collection From ACS Depot

Collection From ACS Depot

Whether you are located near us in Noble Park, Victoria, or wish to make the drive down from interstate we can accommodate you. Collecting your system from our location will also allow you to have the added benefit of a one-on-one machine operation & maintenance/ servicing training. Not to worry if you cannot, our Operation Manuals are in full colour and thorough with images. We also supply you a Quick Start document which is placed on the machine itself, a separate laminated copy and one in the manual as well. We also laminate a Do's & Don'ts document and again place one in the manual . Our systems are designed for easy use and servicing. All parts and consumables are also available world-wide, therefore our overseas customers can utilise and service their systems with ease.

Industrial Vacuum system Freighted to a Depot Near You

Freighted To A Depot Near You

We can freight your system on custom pallets, to a depot close to your location for your collection. This will enable you to utilise the depots forklift to lift the pallets/system onto your trailer and return to your location. The vacuum 2030/2050 platform is too heavy to lift without a forklift, however sliding them off the pallet once unbolted from the pallet to your desired position with a couple of persons is possible. The Gutter Master™ 1030 can simply be wheeled onto your ute or trailer, be sure you bring ramps if you have not optioned them with your purchase. We also have available a full 'Bolt Down' kit (optional), which will include all the nuts, bolts & rubber pads required to bolt your system.

Industrial Vacuum system Freight Directly to a Business Location with a Forklift

Freight Directly To A Business Location With A Forklift

We can freight your system on pallets directly to a business location which has an accessible forklift onsite. A forklift will also enable you to position the vacuum platform, drum tipper and hose reel to where you require. 2030/2050 vacuum platforms have integrated forklifting pockets.

Industrial Vacuum system Tailgate Delivery or Tilt Tray

Tailgate Delivery Or Tilt Tray

We can freight your system on pallets directly to a business or residential location which does not have a forklift onsite, by utilising tail gate or tilt tray services. Please do keep in mind, the hose reel & drum & drum tippers are able to be elevated using two people, however you will need a pallet jack to move it or forklift at some point to be able to lift the vacuum platform on your ute/trailer from the pallets.

Industrial Vacuum system Overseas Customers

Overseas Customers

Our vacuum systems are also becoming more popular overseas. We can ship to major ports in most countries, once goods arrive into port, you would then be required to engage a customs agent in your city to clear goods, calculate duties and taxes and arrange local destination delivery. These costs and charges will be at your cost and payable to customs agent of your choice. Normally you would advise the customs agent of your purchase at time of purchase or obtain your in-country costs prior to purchase. We are happy to guide you throughout the whole process.

Mounting Service

Industrial Vacuum system Collection from ACS Depot

Collection From ACS Depot

We can provide our customers with a turnkey system. By means of, you can also option your system with a trailer of your desired spec and we will then mount your system for you. Upon collection of your system will provide you a run-down of the operations of the system, servicing the system and provide many great tips and insights into the vacuum industry. This is also thoroughly explained in the colour Operations Manual provided.

Industrial Gutter Vacuum system Gutter Master 2030

Driving To ACS Dept With Your Vehicle You Wish To Have Your System Mounted To

Our Gutter Master™ 2030 & 2050 vacuum systems are also great for mounting onto ute's. This is due to their small footprint and low heights, that way you are still able to enter carparks, drive thrus & secure your investment under car ports. Simply drive down and we will mount your system to your vehicle whilst you wait or choose to visit a cafe/shopping centre.. This will also enable us to provide you a run-down of the operations of the system, servicing the system and provide many great tips and insights into the vacuum industry. This is also thoroughly explained in your colour Operations Manual provided.

Industrial Vacuum system Sending The Vehicle/Trailer from Interstate

Sending The Vehicle/Trailer From Interstate

Some customers deliver their vehicles via tilt tray truck to us ( or we can organise this for you), we then mount your system, and your vehicle can be delivered back to your location. This is quite popular with all custom builds.

Industrial Vacuum system Purchasing a Trailer/Vehicle through your Desired Company

Purchasing A Trailer/Vehicle Through Your Desired Company

If you wish to organise your own trailer or Vehicle and have it delivered to our location. We are more than happy to then mount your vacuum system . If you wish to then collect or have it freight back to you, we are able to assist with this as well.


Here at ACS™ we use a range of carriers depending on the items and the requirements of our customers. We will always provide tracking details and the relevant website or contact number to enable you to track your order.

Listed below are a few of the carriers we use:

Industrial Vacuum system Toll carrier
Industrial Vacuum system Australia Post carrier
Industrial Vacuum system DHL carrier
Industrial Vacuum system TNT carrier
Industrial Vacuum system Couriersplease carrier
Industrial Vacuum system northline carrier