Gutter vacuum system breakdown Gutter Master 1030

  • 10 hp Vanguard engine, 3 years warranty

  • Regenerative heavy duty industrial, no maintenance vacuum producer

  • Cyclonic waste drum interceptor head

  • 10 metres Gutter Master® clear 63mm smooth bore vacuum hose

  • Gutter Master® Carbon fiber clean from the ground pole kit 6 metre reach (Optional)

  • Custom steel powder coated waste container

  • Galvanised steel engine roll frame platform

  • Cyclonic waste drum head with 100 litre container on wheels

  • Pneumatic wheels fitted for easy maneuvering

  • Vacuum system protection valve and filtration system

  • Teflon coated washable vacuum filter

  • Wet and dry capabilities

  • 620mm wide ,fits through standard house door ways

  • Lightweight and portable design

Gutter Master® 1030

Introducing Our Latest Generation Gutter Master® 1030

The Gutter Master® 1030 system has been introduced to fill the void in the market for a modular/mobile engine powered industrial grade vacuum system. The complete system weighs just over 90Kg! complete with a cyclonic action waste drum, fitted with industrial pneumatic wheels and coupling together design allows easy maneuverability at any property

Gutter Master® 1030 is an Australian designed and manufactured, complete gutter vacuum cleaning system. As the professional’s choice it was specifically developed for fast and profitable gutter vacuum cleaning from the safety of the ground.

We have designed the 1030 so it can be easily transported in a 6x4 trailer or a small commercial van then rolled off at the work site, couple the system together and move it around to gain access through standard doorways to gain access to the rear or side of properties. If you are a garden service provider, you will more than likely have a trailer that can easily accommodate the 1030 system.

Hand scoop cleaning gutter channels and roof valleys can be a tiring and time consuming process. Hanging onto a ladder or crouching down at a roof line edge can become hard on your knees, ankles and feet. Wet, messy, gutter slop often has to be hand scraped into buckets that gets heavier as you move along. By flicking the muck down to the ground and using regular blower vacs, you just end up having to double handle the silt you threw or leaves you blew off the roof. The Gutter Master® 1030 allows you to vacuum clean roof gutter channels from the safety of the ground utilising our Gutter Master® carbon fiber vacuum pole kit that can be supplied to heights of up to 14 metres.

Gutter Master® 1030

Industrial Vacuum Performance Gives You The Power You Require

Gutter Master® 1030 generates vacuum by incorporating a regenerative side channel vacuum producer, this style of vacuum producer generates 50% more vacuum pressure when compared against regular drum type industrial electric vacuum cleaners.Collect the waste using vacuum, no more mess and or double handling, Gutter Master® vacuum technology will clean gutters 3 times faster than hand scooping methods.

A Vanguard 10 hp 4 stroke engine is used to drive the vacuum producer via a twin belt industrial drive system, a service portal is easily accessible to enable simple belt tensioning requirements. The engine is supplied with a worldwide 3 year warranty backed by Briggs & Stratton. Of course all this power needs protection to ensure the system continues to operate trouble free, an over pressure relief valve is fitted to protect the vacuum from overheating. A wet and dry filter is fitted with pre filter to prevent dust contamination into the vacuum producer. Most of the components are either manufactured from galvanized,stainless steel or have received an industrial powder coated finish to protect them from the day to day elements.

Gutter vacuum system Gutter Master 1030

Gutter Master® 1030

Top Of The Line Components And High Efficient Filter

Gutter Master® 1030 features a long life high efficiency dust wet and dry filter system. The dusty air is filtered by a large primary air filter that is suspended in a filter housing. Featuring a proven textile filter spun bonded polyester, this material can be washed clean 100’s of times and re used. It is one of the world's highest quality air filtration media available.

Gutter Master® 1030 waste drum is designed so it can be removed and emptied simply and efficiently then placed back onto the systems coupling attachment. The cyclonic drum top interceptor provides excellent separation of heavy to medium weight material.

Gutter vacuum system Gutter Master 1030

Gutter Master® 1030

Rear Access And Sloping Roof Solutions Another Gutter Master® First

Some properties represent challenges and cannot be vacuum cleaned from the roof due to the pitch of the roof, heights and access points. Our Gutter Master® carbon fiber modular vacuum poles enable you to clean any property from the safety of the ground, poles can reach heights of up to 4 storeys.Experience has displayed to us that access to the rear and side of certain properties cannot be easily achieved with vehicle/trailer mounted systems, this problem was solved by ACS™ with the introduction of the Gutter Master® 1030 modular system. Designed to be easily moved around and able to fit through a standard residential door way and end all access issues you may encounter at any property.

Thinking of getting involved in the lucrative Gutter vacuum cleaning market, call us and discuss your needs and requirements, we can arrange easy finance options , teach you how to use the equipment and deliver safe efficient services that will allow you to make money from day 1 of purchase.

Not sure how to set up the system on your vehicle or trailer just ask, we have installed over 200 systems onto clients vehicles/trailers we will have a design layout to fit.Do you want a custom set up with large waste tanks, twin operator systems and or fitted onto a specific set up, contact us to discuss your specific requirements. As all fabrication and design are done in house and right here in Australia you can be assured that the finished system will be correct the first time.

Gutter vacuum system Gutter Master 1030
Gutter vacuum system Gutter Master 1030
Gutter vacuum system slide gate
Gutter vacuum system basket
Gutter vacuum system Gutter Master 1030
Gutter vacuum system carbon fiber pole kit
Gutter vacuum system pouch kit