Leaf and Litter vacuum system litter master 6000

Litter Master™ 6000

Litter Master™ 6000 will rapidly vacuum items such as scattered soft drink cans, plastic bottles, paper and plastic containers and general debris from road kerb channel, grassed areas, and any herb surface. Powered by 18Hp vanguard petrol engine with adjustable vacuum controls. This system will suit councils, shopping centre car parks, parks and gardens, etc.

Leaf and Litter vacuum system litter master 9000

Litter Master™ 9000

Litter Master™ is the perfect solution for rapid vacuum collection of items such scattered drink cans, plastic bottles, cigarette butts,leaf, broken glass , newspapers, plastic bags, straw, grains, wrappers and other loose rubbish in a fraction of the time when compared with manual litter picking crews. Unique no contact, no wear impeller system and internally fitted 400 litre waste bags makes the Litter Master™ the first choice for refuse/ landfill sites

Leaf and Litter vacuum system debris loader

Vacuum Debris Loaders

This unit can be mounted with the optional hanger kit, skid mounted with the optional hanger kit, skid mounted to a truck or trailer bed, or mounted to a class III truck hitch. This litter vacuum machine is perfectly suited for all types of litter and leaf vacuum services. Debris loaders have an impeller system that reduces leaf byway of shredding it as it makes contact with the impeller