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petrol powered wheelie bin vacuum system
  • Electric compact pedestrian litter collector
  • 50-volt Lithium Ion Battery
  • Environmentally friendly
  • 45 minutes to 1 hour per charge
  • 2050 cfm
  • Vacuum hand speed control
  • 2 batteries and charger included
  • 70 dba
  • Washable filter bag
  • Collects into plastic bag liners (optional)
  • Clean vacuum fan system
  • 125mm vacuum wand (optional 75mm)


Using the electric wheelie bin vacuum

Leaf & Litter Vacuum

Wheelie Bin Vacuum 120-125-E

The Wheelie Bin Vac 120-125-E is a battery electric compact pedestrian litter collectorwith a 125mm (optional 75mm) diameter vacuum unit powered by a 50-volt Lithium Ion Battery. It is quiet and environmentally friendly and can be used for both internal and external cleaning.

Run times are 40 minutes depending on usage and batteries are easily interchangeable. With a 125mm (optional 75mm) suction hose, and weighing only 14kgs when empty. Supplied c/w 2 x 50-volt lithium ion battery and charger. Additional batteries are available.

An optional bin liner is available to allow the use of plastic bin bags. It is a general purpose machine with a wide variety of applications and is popular with local authorities as well as parks, hospitals and even such establishments as wedding venues and hotels.

Electric Wheelie Bin vacuum collecting leaf and litter
Electric Wheelie Bin Vacuum 120-125-E
Electric Wheelie Bin vacuum collecting leaf and litter
Electric Wheelie Bin vacuum's battery