Servicing an air cooled engine between 50-100 hours with the correct spec of oil is imperative for trouble free ownership. The worldwide shortage of small air-cooled engines means you can no longer just order a new one whenever you need an engine. To help you understand just how hard an air-cooled engine has to work we have added a link below for you to read, please make the time to read it. You might get by with oil and filter changes for the first year however engines require much more, i.e., annual spark plugs, tappet adjustment, re-torqueing cylinder heads, carburetor clean - whole of life servicing requirements will be in your engine manual. Most of the annual requirements should be conducted by an experienced small engine technician. There plenty of great shops all round Australia, just ask us.

Gutter Master Vacuum Tools

We designed our Gutter Master® systems to allow easy access to your oil filter and draining of your engine oil, fuel filters and air filters are easily accessible so there should be no excuse for not servicing your engine! Oil and filters are cheap compared to engines and DOWNTIME. Keep your oil level full, having an engine with oil at half level on the oil dipstick is a definite no-no is just promoting for trouble


Another important component of the Gutter Master® system is the vacuum producer, this item is sometimes neglected however it MUST be serviced. As a minimum oil should be changed every year and or every 700 hours. Make sure the correct oil and specification is used , changing the oil is relatively simple however you will require some patience to ensure it is done correctly. For extra protection our 2050 the Roots vacuum is fitted with a lube valve to ensure corrosion is kept at bay inside your vacuum producer. The vacuum producers used in the 2050 is a tough and proven unit however servicing this component will assist in making sure the unit is still in top shape for the long term.

Gutter Master Vacuum Tools

Sight oil levels with top and bottom fill and drain ports are fitted standard , take your time and make sure you have a small container handy to capture the used oil , there is not a lot of oil in the unit so a relatively small container can be used. The front of the unit takes approx 320ml and the rear takes approx 200ml, this will vary on how efficient you are at letting the old oil drain, be patient and get all that old oil out! And never over fill.

Gutter Master Vacuum Tools

Lubricating the inside lobes when you are vacuuming lots of water is important to ensure it operates at maximum efficiency, reduces wear and tear on the lobes, and extends its lifespan .We make it easy by fitting a valve so there is no excuse, do it weekly with Inox Lanolin lubricant while the engine is running at approx 2000rpm.


Having a clean vacuum filter not only ensures you maintain strong consistent vacuum performance, it also assists in keeping your vacuum producer from generating excessive heat. Operating with a plugged filter not only delivers less vacuum performance, it also restricts air is being drawn into the vacuum producer and thus generates excessive heat . Heat is one of the leading causes why a roots style vacuum producer develops issues, so KEEP your filter clean.

Gutter Master Vacuum Tools

The transparent polycarbonate cover on our Gutter Master® 2050 makes it easier for users to monitor the condition of the filter and determine when it needs to be cleaned or changed. Being able to remove the cover quickly and easily is also important, we give you all the items standard so you can keep vacuuming longer