gutter vacuum equipment

12Km in 6 hours

Litter Master™ 9000

Two highway based hand picking crew members can achieve an average roadside litter collection rate of 1 kilometre per 8 hour shift. Using a vehicle mounted Litter Master™ the same crew can achieve up to 12 kilometres in 6 hours.

gutter vacuum equipment

"Innovative Vacuum Could Help Remove Tonnes Of Plastic From Yarra River"


"it's high flow low pressure, perfect for getting light - weight items like foam, bottles and picks it up off the side of the bank"

Doug Yardley Clean Water GroupClean Water Group

"It's just does hours of work, in minutes"

Ian Thomson Ocean CrusadersOcean Crusaders
gutter vacuum equipment

Fit into a buggy

Litter Master™ 6000

Designed to fits most buggies with a tipping tray. This vacuum system has a standard supply 500-litre waste container. Larger container are available on request.

gutter vacuum equipment

Powered by a 18Hp Vanguard petrol engine with adjustable vacuum control.

Boom and hose options

Optional in cab vacuum control

gutter vacuum equipment

Shredding 12:1

Debris Loaders

Our debris loaders feature a unique impeller that shreds debris at a ration of up to 12:1 that enables you to fit more in your truck. Be more productive and earn more.

gutter vacuum equipment

Debris loaders have an impeller system that reduces leaf by way of shredding it as it makes contact with the impeller

13Hp, 18Hp and 35 Hp models

gutter vacuum equipment

Extremely Low Maintenance

Push Leaf/ Litter Vacuum

Powerful blade impeller for maximum suction and debris reduction. Integral dust skirt keeps dust down and away from the operator.

gutter vacuum equipment

Ideal for larger properties,  commercial areas, leaf cleanup,  rental, parks, city streets, school  districts, or municipal festival  cleanup leaf and litter

Large puncture proof wheels