Ken And Amanda Mueller Bring Powerful Gutter Vacuum Cleaning To Macleay Island

Long-time Macleay Island residents, Ken and Amanda Mueller, have established a formidable roof gutter vacuuming service on Macleay Island.

The couple are already well established with their Macleay Island Lawns and Garden Care business. “However we saw a need for a good roof gutter cleaning business on Macleay Island, so we decided to invest in the very latest equipment to do the job,” Ken Mueller told The Friendly Bay Islander. The business name is Gutter Vacuum Cleaning Macleay Island, and, they haven’t mucked around when it comes to the equipment to do the job. They have purchased one of the most advanced gutter cleaning systems available in Australia. Totally Australian made, it involves an exclusively-designed truck that is fitted out with the Applied Cleaning Solutions Gutter Master 2050.This is a ‘beast’ of a machine in a terrific professional set-up. It improves gutter cleaning services by rapidly vacuuming wet and dry tree leaves, small twigs, slurried and dry silt and other typical debris found in gutter channels on residential, commercial and industrial properties.It can reach up to six metres in height, more than enough for most island circumstances. The machine is so powerful that it can also be used for other services such as non-destructive vacuum excavation, small pit cleaning and many industrial vacuum cleaning services. What makes it unique is that a camera is located near the mouth of the vacuum to give the best possible gutter cleaning outcome. It is without doubt the most powerful modular component vacuum system on the market made in Australia for unique Australian conditions i.e gum trees.

Gutter Master Vacuum Tools

Ken Mueller and his powerful roof gutter vacuuming system.

Ken Mueller added: “This is such a versatile combination. I can reach almost anywhere and the power of the machine is extraordinary. The results so far achieved are remarkable,” he said. With their lawns and garden care operations, Ken and Amanda Mueller offer a complete exterior home maintenance package. They offer a reliable and prompt services and, with storms and fire always a danger on our islands, don’t hesitate to get a free quote today. Phone 0492 194 769

Gutter Vacuum Cleaning Macleay Island

Brand new service available on Macleay Island

  • Full gutter suction clean-out system
  • 6 metre height accessibility
  • Access to tight, hard-to-reach areas
  • TV monitor aids cleaning process
  • Waste removal, or keep as mulch
  • Reliable and Prompt service
  • Storm and Fire season ready services
Gutter Master Vacuum Tools