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The process of cleaning out a gutter, which may seem quite simple on the surface, can often be anything but. There are a multitude of factors to take into consideration: roof height, pitch, gutter width, patio covers, valleys, tile hang and more. All of these factors can make doing a thorough job all the more difficult. The ‘how’ of cleaning your gutters then, can make a huge difference.

There are mostly, key ways to clean a gutter:

  • By Hand (the old bucket method)
  • Using a blower
  • Pressure washing (using water based method)
  • Vacuuming (whether from the roof or on the ground)

While all these have their place, generally speaking the most effective will be vacuum gutter cleaning. There are several reasons why.


It’s rarely the case that you get wide, uniform gutters right around an entire property. Tiles overhang corners, patios cover nearly the entire gutter and strange angles can make cleaning difficult. This is where the vacuum system really stands out. Not only can you often simply suck all the muck out of these tight spots, there are generally attachements that are designed to wedge into these small spaces and remove the debris. The only competition can be pressure washing, though it rarely works as well, especially if you have to move debris around corners.

Accessiblity can also be an issue when you have steep pitched, tin roofs or spots on the house without ladder access. It’s nearly impossible to work from the roof and you can’t access the gutters via ladder. Many gutter vacuum cleaning systems have long poles that can be used to clean from either the ground or a ladder, where the gutter is not otherwise accessible. Incredibly useful and effective option.


When cleaning gutters it can be extremely difficult to fully remove all debris. When the gutters may contain sand or mud, it becomes impossible. Pressure washers can be effective, though generally only when there is a direct downspout that the water and debris can flow straight down.

With a gutter vacuum system, practically all debris is removed: leaves, moss, mud, sand, dust and anything else you may find (including water). This makes it the most thorough system for fully cleaning your gutters and ensuring they are functioning effectively.


Compared to traditional hand and bucket gutter cleaning, a vacuum gutter cleaning method is not only more effective but more efficient as well. It generally takes less time, meaning we are off your roof and out of the way much quicker. I don’t know anyone that enjoys having tradespeople at their homes for longer than they need to be, so this is of course a desirable trait.

In addition, it is mostly less taxing on us as gutter cleaners, meaning we are less likely to get tired, complacent and make a mistake (or not complete the job properly). It also means we can fit more work in, meaning we can get to your gutters sooner rather than later.


In addition to the internal gutter being far cleaner than other methods, gutter vacuuming is also far less messy on other aspects of your property. When hand cleaning, it’s difficult not to drop debris on the roof, house or ground, particularly when the contents of the gutter is muddy. This is also the case with pressure washing or using a blower vac; it’s impossible to contain the debris to the gutters alone. Gutter vacuums especially deliberately pushes the debris out of the gutters, onto the ground. Not ideal for the cleanliness of your property.

What Do We Use?

It’s pretty clear that the gutter vacuum system (we use the Gutter Master™) is our preferred method for clearing out most gutters. That being said, we do still use other methods from time to time. If there is clumpy debris in only some parts of the gutters, or if they are mostly full of tile and larger objects, we’ll still clean them by hand. If they are full of loose mud and sand, we’ll often wash them out with a low powered pressure cleaning system.

We aim to customised our methods to get the best results for our clients property, whatever that may be. 90%+ of the time however, that will be the gutter vacuum, it’s just that much better.

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