Transport Victoria released an article on DM Roads Litter Master™ 9000 vacuum system, along with a fantastic video.

DM Roads Contract Manager, Martin Kinski went on to say a few details below of the vacuum system:

"The Litter Master™ was earning its keep for many reasons, not least because it made collecting litter safer and more efficient for the two employees that operate it every day throughout Melbourne’s north-west."

"Since the introduction of the Litter Master™, the amount of Litter being collected with the same resources has more than doubled,"

"It's also safer for employees, improving manual handling when compared to the traditional Litter pick up tool and holding a garbage bag in the other hand."

The article also saying that the Litter Master™ is the perfect solution for rapid vacuum collection of items such as scattered drink cans, plastic bottles, cigarette butts, leaves, broken glass, newspapers, plastic bags, straw, grains, wrappers and other loose rubbish in a fraction of the time it would take to do manually.

Martin also said DM Roads was collecting about 200 cubic metres of litter each month – equivalent to about one-fifth of an Olympic swimming pool – using the Litter Master™ and traditional methods.

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