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How Gutter Vacuum Systems Reduce Bushfire Damage 

Summer is now upon us in Australia, and unfortunately that means that bushfire season is around the corner. Very high temperatures dry out our natural vegetation, creating fuel for bushfires to burn up. 


There are many ways to maintain your home and garden in preparation for bushfire season in Australia. Reducing the natural fire fuel in your garden can reduce the effects of a bushfire in your area, but did you know that there is more fire fuel hiding around your house than you realise? 


Home and Garden Maintenance to Reduce Bushfire Damage 

There are several things you can do to prepare your home for bushfire season in Australia. The Country Fire Authority has a lot of helpful information to help you plan and prepare for bushfires, too. We recommend you read up on how to prepare for bushfires in your area as soon as possible. 


Start by assessing your garden for any dead or dry trees and shrubs. Consider having them cut down professionally, and have the garden waste removed from your property. Clear away leaves, too, as these will dry out and burn easily. 


Additionally, have any overhanging trees cut back and away from your home. It’s best practice to remove trees that are close to the home, as they pose a fire risk. 


You can use pebbles, rocks and gravel around your home to create a small firebreak. Just remember not to put mulch in these areas as mulch is usually very flammable. 


Something you may not have realised is that buildup of organic material in your gutters is also fire fuel. Make use of gutter vacuum systems to clean your gutters regularly and reduce the risk of fire around your home. 


Click here for more tips to reduce fire risk around your home, courtesy of the Country Fire Authority. 


How La Niña Affects Australia in 2020/2021 

You may have heard that La NiñaLa Niña has been confirmed for Australia this year. La Niña is a kind of climate driver that increases rainfall and reduces summer temperatures in Australia. Although temperatures will be slightly lower than normal in some parts of Australia, our summers are still extremely hot.


Although increased rainfall helps offset the effects of drought in Australia, it causes a vegetation boom that is dried out by the hot weather. Unfortunately, this is prime fuel for bushfires in Australia. This is exactly why you should use gutter vacuum systems to clean your gutters, and take other precautions to reduce the risk of fire in your home and garden.

The Best Gutter Vacuum Systems 

Applied Cleansing Solutions offers an assortment of great gutter vacuum systems that you can purchase or lease to protect your home from bushfires. Browse our range of gutter vacuum systems to identify the unit that suits your needs! Whether you just need a small, powerful unit to prune your home, or a powerful heavy duty vacuum to protect your commercial property, we have the solution for you.