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    • Extra Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Pump - self priming with multiple water inputs
    • Heavy Duty Wheels and Casters
    • 1400 Watt pressure washer, 1500 psi - 5.5 litres/min
    • 2400 Watts of vacuum power as:
    • 1400 watt bypass motor
    • 1000 watt bypass motor
    • New self air purging water filter
    • Use as a powerful blower or even pressure washer/blower combined
    • Comes with integrated vacuum and pressure hose set
    • Removable 20 litre water reservoir
    • No connections to undo - simply lift off
    • Built in water filters
    • Run from a hose or from the reservoir
    • Simple 3-way valve makes changing easy
    • Hand tool, edging tool and 12inch high speed rotart vac tool included
    • Compliant with level 3 water restrictions


A patented combined pressure washer/wet vacuum cleaner that recycles the water so there is no water run-off or misting. Use as a pressure washer or a wet/dry vacuum cleaner or combine them to run in recycling mode. 1500 psi, 5.5 l/min.
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The only high pressure cleaner on the market designed to pressure clean with chemical solutions or anti microbial solutions.

Comes complete and ready to use. Integrated vacuum and pressure hose set, one cartridge filter assembly with spare cartridge and two primary filter socks included. The cleaner can be run from water within its own reservoir or from an external source. A 3 way valve allows quick and easy change over. Compatible with the Submersible discharge pump kit CLM016.

Comes with 3 different tools - the handtool for walls etc (with both soft and hard brushes), edging tool and a rotary 12 inch wand.

Ideal for cleaning floors and walls inside buildings (captures the water and prevents misting associated with normal pressure washing), decks, walls, outside surfaces, vehicles, boats and other marine applications. Particularly suitable for commercial, public and institutions impact cleaning of toilets, bathrooms and kitchens etc.

Recycleaner Clean Capture & Recycle

How Does the Recycleaner Work?

The Recycleaner™ is a combination high pressure water cleaner and a powerful staged wet vacuum cleaner used in conjunction with a hand tool that utilises both systems simultaneously. A patented interlocking system allows the use of a powerful high pressure pump alongside a powerful vacuum system with supply from a single domestic outlet.

The cleaner functions by delivering high pressure cleaning liquid to the target surface through one or more nozzles built into the hand tool. The liquid delivered to the cleaning head is then retained within the cleaning head by the vacuum in combination with a brush/skirt arrangement. The staged vacuum system steps up in capacity automatically when the trigger is released on the hand tool. This system ensures extremely efficient recovery of the cleaning liquid. The liquid is sucked back into a separator section where it is separated from the airstream and returned to the water reservoir through a primary filter. The primary filter is a large bag manufactured from a tough filter fabric that traps most of the dirt returning to the machine. The pump draws the liquid from the reservoir through a secondary 20 micron cartridge filter for reuse. The polyester cartridge filter effectively removes all particulates from the “dirty” water before its reuse.


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All wetted parts of the commercial model Recycleaner are manufactured from corrosion resistant materials. The specially engineered pump is of stainless steel and bronze construction. Now because of its corrosion resistant construction and the ability to filter and recycle the cleaning liquid the machine can be used with high and low pH cleaning liquids. The effectiveness of both the high pressure cleaning and the chemical itself is now significantly improved as the cleaning chemical is forced at high velocity into and under dirt deposits. As the chemical is continually recycled and reused the Recycleaner gets the most out of what chemical is added. Add antimicrobials to the water for a combined all in one pressure wash and sanitising action.

Various tools are available for different cleaning applications. The tools are connected to the cleaner body by way of a 50mm flexible vacuum hose with a coaxial HP water hose routed through the vacuum hose. Changing the tools is a simple matter of decoupling the HP water connection and vacuum hose-end from one cleaning head and swapping to the next. This is a simple 15 second hand operation.


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The cleaner can be filled from a hose or preferably the vacuum head is lifted off allowing the bucket to be unclipped and lifted from the supporting trolley. A self opening and closing valve arrangement automatically disconnects and connects the water system of the cleaner to the bucket when it is lifted from and placed onto the trolley unit respectively. There is a domestic hose type inlet connection on the side of the cleaner. A 3-way valve allows the cleaner to be run directly from an external supply or from the bucket. In addition it provides a convenient facility to replenish the bucket in situ. In terms of its water supply the cleaner is quite versatile and capable of being used where there is no pressurised water supply. The pump is self priming and will even draw water from up to 3m below the pump level.

Inside the bucket on the inlet to the pump is a polyester cartridge filter that filters the cleaning water. The filter self purges of air when the bucket is filled and the cartridges are easily changed and cleaned when they become dirty. The bucket has a maximum capacity of 18 litres but can operate with as little as 7 litres. For most jobs 10 litres will suffice.

Washing Hard Surfaces

Use the floor tool, the edging tool or the hand tool depending on the application. Water consumption will be around 150 mls/m2 of flat horizontal non porous surface. The cleaner is particularly useful for cleaning applications where pooling of water is undesirable and/or run-off of detergent contaminated cleaning water is undesirable such as detailed cleaning of toilets, washrooms and kitchens where pressure washing is normally impossible because of water run-off and overspray. Around swimming pools and spas, inside commercial buildings - the applications are many!, the Recycleaner handles badly soiled non slip tiles and difficult to clean matt finish textured non slip tiles. In general the machine will clean non slip surfaces at the rate of 25-45 seconds per square metre.

The Recycleaner will clean mould and dirt off pavers and concrete. Adding an antimicrobial to the water will give added protection against regrowth of mould.

Removing Graffiti

Removing graffiti couldn't be simpler or greener. Apply Graffiti Remover to the graffiti and allow a few minutes for it to work. Then use the Recycleaner to remove the softened graffiti with a combination of high pressure water and brushing. All the graffiti, wash water and graffiti remover is vacuumed back to the reservoir of the cleaner and can then be disposed of appropriately. All the wash water is contained with no run-off or overspray.


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The machine is primarily a wet recycling cleaner however it is easily reconfigured to a straight high pressure cleaner or a straight wet and dry vacuum cleaner of high capacity or a blower. Changes can be effected in a matter of seconds

Submersible Pump Kit Now Available

A separately powered submersible pump that fits into the Recycleaner bucket is now available and can be retrofitted to all existing cleaners. This pump allows the machine to be used as a continuous rinsing machine with water supply from a hose feeding the high pressure pump and the water being vacuumed back to the machine being pumped out to the nearest drain through a 20mm hose (not supplied). The kit is fixed in place by means of 2 nylon wing nuts and it comes with a 10 metre power lead. The pump can easily keep pace with the water being returned to the machine and will operate satisfactorily in the vacuum pressure within the bucket. An integral float switch controls the pump operation. The pump can handle 5mm solids and an inlet grill prevents larger solids from entering the pump