Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

vactagon top 182x300

  • 240 volt 10 AMP
  • 211 cfm 6.0" Hg
  • 5 metres of 51mm vacuum hose
  • Floor wand tool for dry and wet materials
  • Optional 205 Litre Drum and drum dolly with castors
  • Optional Water shut off system
  • Optional Drum tipper
  • Optional HEPA filtration
  • Vacuum head unit may be purchased on it own

Vac Master Drum Vac 205E

The Vac Master Drum Vac 205E has a two stage filtration system, with an option of a Hepa Filtration system at 0.3 microns. The twin bypass vacuum motors produce an impressive 211 cfm of airflow. The 205 Litre drum provides enough capacity to vacuum material all day without the need to empty the container continuously. For high level factory and facility dust accumulation cleaning, the 205E can be optioned with a 20 metre vacuum hose and supplied with our optional alloy cleaning from the ground vacuum pole kit.

vm205E liquid vacuum option 160x228

55 gallon drum dolly 228x228

gm 205e 6 metre hose 284x228

The unit sits on top of a 205 Lite drum and allows the operator to quickly and easily switch the head to an alternate 205 Litre drum. Vac Master Drum Vac 205E will outperform all 240 volt 10 amp canister vacuums on the market.

DRUM VAC 281x200

Vactagon DT electric 271x200


Please note Bin Tipper is optional.

By simply removing the vacuum head from a full 205 Litre drum and replacing head onto a empty 205 Litre drum, the unit will provide unlimited vacuum loading. An optional intercept vacuum head can be ordered and used with an additional 205 Litre drum for collection of fine dusty material. The process provides more efficient cleaning with less time required to clean the filter protectors.

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