Gutter Master™ 2050 mounted onto a ute with twin tippers. Waste collecting capacity of 410L
Each component of this Gutter Master™ 2050 system was placed in a separate skid with rubber castors for moving around large commercial sites
Caged Gutter Master™ 2050 platform for safety and security
Special council request to cage the engine platform for safety and security and include external controls
We fabricate a high volume vessel for Gutter Master™ 2030 with waste holding capacity of 1000 litres to one of our clients
Complete Gutter Master™ 2030 system fitted on to a single skid system with lift points
Gutter Master™ 2030system fitted in an enclosed van and also easily be removed when required
Twin system dual operator Gutter Master™ gutter vacuum rig on a VW Transporter
Our 35Hp Deris Loader fitted on to a wheel system
Our Litter Master™ 9000 vacuum system was mounted onto a boat for the purpose of cleaning along our Yarra River in Melbounrne