Carbon Fiber Pole Kit Gutter Vacuum Systems

Carbon Fiber Clean From The Ground Kit

  • Carbon Fiber vacuum poles (from single storey to 4/5 storey)
  • Each pole is 1.5 metres long
  • 355 grams per pole
  • Silicone elbow
  • 3 x Tool ends
  • Durable canvas, waterproof lined carry bag
Cleaning from the roof tool kit for gutter vacuum systems

Clean From The Roof Kit With Tool Belt Pouch

  • Belt clip pouch to hold tool ends
  • 4 vacuum tool ends, including one to enable you to reach the back of the gutters
  • 2”Aluminium main pole 1.3 metres long with elbow
Industrial Vacuum Systems

L Wand And Crevice Tool

  • 2 inch L Rod open vacuum tool
  • 2 inch L Rod crevice vacuum tool
  • 2 inch 400mm long series crevice tool
  • 2 inch black plastic tool end for L wand for cleaning Colourbond gutters., to help prevent scratching
Industrial Vacuum Systems

Large Item Vacuum Release

  • Solution for releasing large vegetation clumps when using pole kits to clean from the ground
Wirless Camera for gutter vacuum cleaning

Wireless Camera Kit

  • Real time/recordable function
  • 5 inch HD display
  • Rechargeable 3200 mAh battery
  • Sunshade
  • 32GB Micro SD card (optional)
  • CSupport AV-in/ AV-out
  • Durable foam lined carry case
  • Wireless connection
  • Car charger and 240 volt charger
  • All clamps and fittings included
Industrial Vacuum Systems

Solar Panel Cleaning Kit

  • 6 metre carbon fiber telescopic poles
  • Working pressures of up to 125psi
  • Wash and rinse detergent system. 10L Water treatment system
  • 10L mixed bed resin, To remove dissolved solids and dry spot free finish
  • 12 inch Shifter brush with 4 levels of trim & 3 nylon & polyester bristles & 2 V Jets
  • 50M x 12mm(id) hose reel
  • Inline pressure gauge
  • 5 micron carbon pre filter
  • With options of a larger tank and resin size
  • Optional water trolley cart & pump for sites that have no access to water
Industrial Vacuum Systems

Drum Waste Discharge Chute With Bucket

  • Tip the waste from the drum straight into the bucket
  • Slider helps you to empty the drum without a mess
Industrial Vacuum Systems

Additional Hose

  • 20 metre lengths of Polyurethane clear vacuum hose
  • 2.5 inch to 3 inch hose available
  • Hose joiners also available
Industrial Vacuum Systems

Additional Drum Tipper

  • Powder coated drum handling tipper
  • 205 Litre drum
  • Drum clamp and lid
Industrial Vacuum Systems

Liquid Drain Valve For Drums

  • Liquid drain valve fitted to drum
  • Slide gate for easy operation