Gutter Master™ 1530 DISCONTINUED

We have discontinued manufacturing the 1530 due to certain electronic components are no longer in manufacture.


  • 1150mm x 750mm stainless steel skid chassis with dual forklift pockets
  • Triple high performance bypass vacuum producers
  • 560cfm per min volumetric airflow
  • Liquid level shut off float
  • 2 x 20 metres of 2.5 inch smooth bore vacuum suction hose
  • Assorted gutter cleaning tools
  • Laser cut large capacity hose reel
  • 205 Litre waste collection drum with liquid drain tap
  • Torini electric start engine
  • Worksafe approved RCS's
  • Drum tipper (optional supply)
  • Plastic bag collection of dry waste (optional supply)
  • Australian designed & manufactrured

Gutter Vacuum 1530

Gutter master™™'s unique, hybrid engine/electric motor drive combination, delivers high airflow in a compact unit.
Our Gutter master™ systems weigh just over 200kg complete with a 205 Litre drum and hose reel.
Most of the components of the Gutter master™ 1530 are manufactrued from stainless steel and will never rust, however typical competitor machines are manufactured from mild steel.
The Gutter master™ system and our filtration system is proven with over 300 units in operation.
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Your purpose engineered, complete gutter leaf, twigs and silt cleaning system. As the professionals choice it was specifically developed for fast and profitable gutter cleaning. Over the past 10 years Gutter master™'s 1530 design specifications have been continuously improved and refined based upon constant feedback obtained directly from operators already working in the industry. A proven performer working across Australia.

Clean roofs and gutters the professional way

Hand scoop cleaning gutter channels and roof valleys can be a tiring and time consuming process. Hanging onto a ladder or crouching down at a roof line edge can become hard on your knees, ankles and feet. Wet, messy, gutter slop often has to be hand scraped into buckets that get heavier as you move along. By flicking the muck down to the ground and using regular blower vacs, you just end up having to double handle the silt you threw or leaves you blew off the roof.



Extreme vacuum power

Gutter master™ 1530 is powered by three large, maintenance free, electrically driven vacuum suction motors. Technical specifications are an impressive 15 cubic metres per minute (560 CFM) of free airflow . Your Gutter master™ generates around 3 times the airflow and higher vacuum pressures when compared against regular drum type industrial vacuum cleaners.

No compromise top of the line vacuum suction motors

The vacuum producers used to drive your Gutter master™ are the latest technology. They are the most powerful in their class available anywhere in the world. These new high quality, United States made vacuum producers spin up at an amazing 34,000 RPM.


gutter vacuum tool gutter vacuum tools gutter vacuum tools drum tipper gutter vacuum


Thermal and electrical overload protection is already built in so that they will not affect power circuits. Featuring a new high efficiency cooling system with tangential exhaust air ports. They have a patented liquid proof air sealed bearing system. This means that accidental water ingestion directly through the unique impeller housing will not ruin them like regular vacuum motors.

Gutter master™'s special vacuum motors are made for us by a specialist manufacturer who are now in their 103rd year in business. They have acquired an enormous amount of engineering experience. Over a century they have solved a huge number of technical challenges to make these ultra-powerful devices. These state of the art vacuum producers will outperform all competitors in their class. 

clean gutters from the ground clean gutters from the ground kit liquid level sesnor


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Permanent high efficiency dust filter

Gutter master™ 1530 features a long life high efficiency dust filter system. The dusty air is filtered by a large primary air filter that is suspended above the main capture drum. Featuring a proven textile filter technology known in the filter industry as Armour-Tex. It is one of the world's highest quality air filtration media available. This superb filter textile has an extremely high dust rejecting Teflon coated surface. Dust will not easily clog the filter. A simple manual shake to clean the filter is a completely dustless process. Your filter remains in place during the very easy 10 second cleaning process. With Gutter master™ 1530 you will not need to spend any further monies on continually purchasing new filters.


gutte rcleaning vacuum hose gutter cleaning camera long range generator Gutter master™ 1530 vauum cleaner system

Vacuum leaves, twigs and silt into 205 litre (44 Gallon) drum liner plastic bags

If desired the Gutter master™ 1530 can uniquely vacuum recover the collected leaf litter and silt directly into heavy duty, 205 litre steel drum liner plastic bags. Nearly all competitor vacuum equipment can only dump the messy collected waste directly onto the ground. A typical 4 bedroom house with heavy tree leaf litter and silt filled gutters might generate around a quarter of a drum of of waste. A quarter drum bag of leaves, twigs and silt will weigh a Health & Safety friendly ±15 kilograms. Of course, if you choose to empty the bag more frequently then the total bag weight is not an issue.

In some cases, by consent, this collected material can be discarded into the householder's green waste bin (if supplied by their local council). Alternatively, the collected material can be used to make an excellent, nutrient rich, saleable, garden compost. As your Gutter master™ vacuums directly into heavy duty plastic bags there is no need to double handle the collected organic material. Your machine's primary collection drum is removable for cleaning if required but does not need to be tipped out.


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