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200-Litre stainless steel bottom discharge upright with a lift-off top interceptor

60 Litre Cyclonic dust separator on wheels with filter and manual cleaning action for filter

1000 litre bottom discharge waste vessel with lift off cyclonic interceptor. Forklifting pockets on top for lifting to move and enable bottom discharge of waste. Hand lever action to activate bottom discharge.

130 litre Stainless Steel upright waste hopper with large 10 inch manual slide gate for discharging waste. Removable lid with cyclonic separator. Optional bag discharge available or just use a plastic container under the slide gate.

200 liter upright waste hopper on wheels with large rectangle opening door and angled discharge

205 litre drum with drum top separator and vacuum equalization system for use with heavy duty plastic bags

205 litre drum with separate stainless steel drum top adaptor with cyclonic interceptor perfect for liquids and includes a ball valve discharge point

Continuous longopac plastic bag cyclone interceptor with trolley on wheels