1st March 2018

Leaf & Litter Vacuums

    litter nl feb 18 lm9000 p1



Clean Fan Style Suction Power

Litter master 9000 is designed and manufactured in Australia to rapidly collect litter waste in car parks, highways, roadsides, waste and recycle stations. The collection bag include in this machine is a low cost item that can hold up to 400 Litres of waste. Built tough to withstand harsh operating environments,
the Litter Master 9000 has been designed with a focus on ease of use, easy emptying and minimal maintenance.


High power

Suction power that will handle a glass 750ml bottle,
vacuum all types of litter allowing you to do your job
faster, save time, save money.


More capacity clean fan system

Litter master can hold up to 400 litres of waste into bags that are convenient for disposal. The bags are also cost effective , affordable. The clean fan system never makes contact with any of the material.



Made entirely from stainless steel. The Litter Master will never rust or look worn out. Integrated fork lift pockets allow easy lifting.


litter nl feb 18 lm9000 p2