9th February 2018

 Attention all Gutter Cleaning professionals

At the rate solar panels are being installed on residential properties, It is suggested that 1 in every 3 properties will have solar panels within the next 5-7 years. Have you thought of adding solar panel cleaning to your range of services?

 solar panel cleaning nl feb 18 pic 1
Designed for use at residential, commercial and industrial sites. Want to use it on windows, too? No problems! You can use this package to clean windows and leave them spot and streak free.
 solar panel cleaning nl feb 18 pic 2


solar panel cleaning nl feb 18 pic 3

Compact extension poles that can be used for cleaning from ground level or taken up on the roof with you. Two brushes, one for quick cleaning of large surface areas and one for difficult to reach angles and cleaning at height. Hose valve so you can control water flow at your hip when up on the roof.


solar panel cleaning nl feb 18 pic 4

If you are still considering getting into the gutter cleaning industry now is the time! Purchase a Gutter Master range, turnkey system complete on a trailer and including a solar/ window cleaning system. Chose from our Gutter Master 2030 or 2050 system that will fit on to a 8 x 5 single axle trailer or a 1 ton utility. Need finance? We can assist with low doc applications.