15th December 2017

Gutter Vacuum Solutions

GM 2050 M1

GM 2030 M1

GM 1530 M1

GM 2050 lable GM 2030 lable GM 2050 lable

The Gutter Master 2050 is the latest model from Applied Cleansing designed for the fulltime gutter cleaning professional. The system can be mounted on a 8 x 5 trailer or a commercial utility. 

The 2050 will easily acuum clean leaves and silt and can be used to clean roof cavity dust, small pits, industrial sites, recovery of pressure washing run off, and acuum excavation. 

This unit has safety features built in thus making the unit intrinsically safe to operate. The system is fitted with a specially designed pressure relief valve to protect the system ensuring the vacuum blower provides any years of service.

Fitted with a 23HP vanguard key start Vtwin engine and a USA genuine Tuthill roots style vacuum producer to give you the best performance of any portable system available. Gutter Master 2050 comes with 18 months warranty on the vacuum blower and 3 years on the engine.

The Gutter Master 2030 is typically used by professional service and facility management companies Australian wide.This machine can vacuum wet and dry leaves, small twigs, silt and other similar derbies. The machine can also be used to deliver potholing, non-destruction vacuum excavation, roof cavity dust cleaning, and recovery of pressure washer water runoff. Compared with all the other Gutter Master machines the 2030 requires the least maintenance. 

The engine that used in this system is a 21HP vanguard key start Vtwin engine, with a 12 litre marine style fuel tank. Supplied with 60metres of lightweight industrial grade 2.5 inch hose a hose reel and a waste collection drum with an optional drum tipper.

Full stainless steel construction will rovide lifetime chassis integrity, system will fit on a 8 x 5 single axle standard trailer or a 1 ton utility. Gutter Master 2030 is supplied with 24 months vacuum producer warranty and 3 years engine warranty.

This system is an entry level generator powered system designed for outdoor vacuum cleaning. The Gutter Master 1530 provides the solutions to improve gutter cleaning services by rapidly vacuum wet and dry tree leaves, small twigs, slurried gutter silt and other similar debris found in gutter channel. 

Gutter Master 1530 is delivered complete with all hoses, tools and accessories to enable you to begin generating an income immediately. A Hose reel is supplied with 40metres of lightweight industrial grade 63mm smooth bore vacuum hose. 

The generator engine is a 15 HP electric key start Torino petrol engine driving a premium 8.1 KVA pure sine wave generator.

Fitted with a weatherproof Residual Current Device, Earth leakage protection system and 2 x IP66 rate power sockets ensures that the system is safe for outdoor use.

 GM 2050 diagram GM 2030 diagram GM 2030 diagram