15th December 2017

Atex Certified Compact Vacuum Cleaning Systems


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Do you operate a manufacturing facility that generates dust? You will at some point in time need to clean affected areas. Vacuum cleaning is by the safest method as opposed to brooms and shovels or compressed air. Did you know that combustibles dust on girders & overhead piping can also lead to potential dangerous



Vacuum cleaning combustible dusts with an Atex certified vacuum is mandatory for all zone 20,21,22 areas. Many facilities do not conduct daily or even weekly cleaning regimes and leave dusts on floors, equipment and footways till it becomes an OHS issue. Usually a large vacuum truck is then hired in at $1000’s of cost to clean affected areas. Normally overhead areas are never cleaned or are just blown down with compressed air. Introducing a programmed vacuum cleaning regime with your own industrial vacuum system will save operating costs and can also assist in dramatically reducing slip and falls from dusts on foot way areas. We can supply the correct vacuum cleaning system and carbon fiber vacuum poles to vacuum clean overhead items up to 15 metres high.


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