Since establishing in 1999, we at Applied Cleansing Solutions pride ourselves on offering comprehensive, safety-conscious industrial cleaning solutions to our valued customers. We’re also incredibly proud of our Australian made products, designed and manufactured locally. We believe that manufacturing in Australia is a strong pillar for the country’s economy, and we’re proud to be part of it!

Why Buying Australian Made Matters

It’s important for consumers to use their power to support local and national industry. Products manufactured in Australia are built within special environmental guidelines... Guidelines that often surpass those of other global manufacturing giants. Buying local reduces the energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions created by the complex logistics process. Importing products from overseas is an environmental concern, and also pushes economic development outside of Australia, rather than within its borders.

Applied Cleansing Solutions is listed in an Australian Owned business directory. This is a great resource for finding and supporting Aussie owned businesses, many of which manufacture in Australia, too! 

Our Australian Made and Designed Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Applied Cleansing Solutions offers several Australian made and designed vacuums, for numerous purposes, too! Let’s take a look at some of our proudly Aussie products:

1. Gutter Master 1030, 2030 and 2050

Some of our Gutter Master machines are Australian made and designed! These gutter vacuums are ideal for cleaning out gutters, residential ,commercial and industrial

The Gutter Master 1030 fills the void in the market for a modular/mobile engine- powered industrial vacuum system for gutters. It’s the professional’s choice for fast and profitable gutter vacuum cleaning! Learn more about it here.

The Gutter Master 2030 is the all-around tradesman industrial vacuum system. It’s a compact industrial-grade machine that can be trailer- or utility-mounted. The 2030 model is tested for hose lengths of 60m. Learn more here.

The Gutter Master 2050, on the other hand, is tested for hose lengths of up to 80m. It is great for demanding gutter vacuum jobs, whilst still being compact, industrial-grade, and trailer- or utility-mounted. Here’s a brochure on the machine.

2. Litter Master 9000

This is a great solution for rapid vacuum collection of litter. You can quickly and easily suck up all kinds of litter with the Litter Master 9000, from drink cans to plastic bottles, cigarette butts to straws and wrappers. This machine is ideal for urban and outdoor applications. It’s often used by Councils, outdoor litter cleaning contractors, and horticultural operators. Want to learn more?

3. Insulation Master 9000

Lastly, Insulation Master 9000 is the fastest way to remove old cellulose insulation from ceiling spaces. This machine has a 5-inch diameter hose, which enables you to quickly and profitably remove shredded cellulose insulation from tight spaces. Click here for the full run-down.

You can browse our complete catalogue on our website.

Looking for the best industrial vacuum cleaners and industrial cleaning solutions in Victoria? Applied Cleansing Solutions has a lot to offer. You can contact us to discuss your cleaning requirements or any of the products we mentioned above. We are dedicated to delivering reliable, profitable and safe solutions tailored to you.