Who Benefits From Industrial Vacuum Cleaning Machines?

Industrial vacuum machines have many advantages for Australian businesses, but they're not cure-all solutions. Instead, it's important to ensure that you use a vacuum that fits your needs. Here's how to know when you might require an industrial-grade vacuum cleaner from Applied Cleansing Solutions.

You Want to Create a Smarter Workplace

Many of the businesses that power Australia's economic success depend on manual labour. Although many of the tasks that your workers perform are unavoidable, installing a new industrial vacuum may be a good way to increase their efficiency by reducing their exposure to physical strain. 

Preventing Injury Makes Workplaces More Functional

In one case, an American wallboard manufacturer replaced shovels with industrial vacuums to increase the speed of dry material cleanup. In addition to reducing the amount of time that workers spent tidying up gypsum piles, the firm lowered the incidence of musculoskeletal injuries that might hamper productivity by taking people out of commission. 

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

Another American firm that performed abrasive blasting operations discovered that its industrial vacuum was able to help it

  • Cut labour costs in half and reduce the time needed for common tasks,
  • Lower unscheduled downtime by 80 percent, and
  • Keep the workplace clean of debris that formerly caused vital equipment to break.


Could Industrial Vacuum Cleaning Machines Hold the Solution?

Different governments have studied the use of industrial vacuums for dealing with dangerous materials  for decades. In Queensland, officials recommend industrial vacuum machines for similarly respirable substances like crystalline silica. This makes these devices critical in industries that engage in activities like

  • Labouring, demolitions and construction,
  • Excavation, tunnelling, drilling and earthmoving,
  • Dry or wet cutting of stone, concrete, ceramics or brick, and
  • Paving, surfacing and road work.

You Want to Stay Competitive

In some jobs, industrial vacuums are merely an added bonus that makes work easier and safer. In other fields, however, these machines are integral to economically viable business models.

When Industrial Vacuums Become Indispensable

Many companies would lose profitability without industrial vacuuming hardware. One UK firm that specialised in recycling paint even found that industrial-grade suction was the only way to extract remnants from old tins. 

If you've ever hired someone to dispose of leaf and litter, you might have seen them using a Leaf/Litter vacuum to get the job done. Although rakes and bags work too, municipalities and enterprises that want to complete enough work to stay in the black quickly discover that mechanisation is the most cost-effective option.