18th January 2018

Production area clean up on a Daily Cycle

Production areas are faced with scenarios that hinder an efficient operation. The main culprit that hinder's production is downtime, which can come in the form of cleaning downtime, conveyor line spills/ overflow, system failures and system line blockages. Using a vacuum system to collect the spill's at its source is a much more practical solution than utilising manual labour. Vacuuming up the materials is much safer as opposed to brooms, shovels, wheel barrows and manual labour.


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Material recovery

Are you experiencing material waste costs from

spilling points on your production line. You can

recover spillage and put the material back to

your production line. No wastage equates to

higher profit margins.


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Save Time Save Money

Production shutdown for cleaning maintenance

is a costly exercise. Speed up your site cleaning

process by adding a vacuum system that helps

you to reduce your operating costs.


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Clean work place

Clean production areas, eliminate potential

health & safety risks.


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