10th May 2018

 Dust Free Vacuum Cleaning

Food Production Facilities

Food production lines have spillages that are unavoidable, keeping areas clean is mandatory in food production areas, safety from slip and falls are also an important factor. Dust free Portable industrial vacuum cleaners fitted with long vacuum hoses allow production areas to be cleaned during production.

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Flour & Grain Production

Flour, rice and grain production/ processing facilities require special vacuums that are designed to work safely in these potentially dangerous environments. Spillages and dust generated from manufacturing processes are generally combustible and should be vacuum cleaned using the appropriate Atex certified portable vacuum cleaners designed  to prevent electrostatic accumulation.


Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

The Pharmaceutical manufacturing sector generally dictates that production facilities be dust free, to achieve this an industrial vacuum system made entire from stainless and fitted Hepa filtration is the common specification requested. Small, compact units are extremely popular as they can be placed next to the processing stations where spills are generated


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Concrete Grinding

Concrete grinding and polishing generates dusts that can be hazardous to equipment and health of the person operating the grinding machines. Using an industrial vacuum cleaner with the concrete grinding machine assits to contain dangerous silica dusts from entering the general atmosphere. Inhaling high levels of concrete dust can lead to a potentially fatal lung disease called silicosis.

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