1st March 2018

Leaf & Litter Vacuums

  litter nl feb 18 loader 1  





The TruckLoaders Reduce Your Load by

Little Wonder Monster TruckLoaders have a unique toothed impeller that shreds debris at a ratio of up to 15:1. You’ll fit more in the truck, clear more properties between offloads. This will save you the operation cost and increase productivity. A Square Discharge Chute keeps air and materials moving regardless if the leaves are wet or dry. This machine can vacuum up to 7,450 cfm of air volume that gives you 32% more
suction than the competitive units.



 Reduce Load

Shredding Toothed Impeller Design for a MONSTROUS reduction ratio of 15:1 - the best ratio in the industry. This method will help to cut cost and save time that you can get more done.


Work without interference

Anti-clog square stacks keeps debris moving allow you to work without any interference from the blockages. Saves operation time.



Heavy-duty welded steel construction for durability. The steel wear fan liners that come with this machine are replaceable. Impellers are 6.35mm thick fully welded and balanced.


litter nl feb 18 loader 2