13rd April 2018

Roof Gutter Cleaning Using The Latest Technology


Roof gutter channel cleaning is a service that home owners no longer consider doing themselves. Safety seems to be the number 1 reason this service is being outsourced. Falls from ladders during gutter cleaning have made the NEWS in recent times, some falls have even resulted in death.


Service providers are also conscious regarding the safety of themselves and their staff. The recent introduction of ACS™ light weight Carbon Fiber vacuum poles allows roof gutter cleaning services to be delivered from the safety of the ground.


Many of our current Gutter Master™ system users have added the cleaning of solar panels to their service offering. ACS can now supply the latest technology to allow the cleaning of solar panels without the

use of chemicals.


ACS has been supplying industrial vacuum cleaning solutions since 1999. The Gutter Master series was first introduced to the Australian market in 2005 and since then over 350 systems have been commissioned. We have the knowledge, experience and equipment to provide you with the latest technology available. We also partner with world class engine and vacuum producer manufacturers. Our systems are desgined by ACS and manufactured in Australia by ACS.



 gutter contractor nl apr 18 pic 1


Wireless camera & screen system. Take before and after photos for your clients


 gutter contractor nl apr 18 pic 2

Gutter Master custom designed systems


Carbon Fiber high reach vacuum pole kit is 60% lighter than alloy poles


gutter contractor nl apr 18 pic 3


 gutter contractor nl apr 18 pic 4.5

Include solar panel

cleaning, we can supply the latest technology 


 gutter contractor nl apr 18 pic 4



Clean double story gutter

from the safety of the ground