12th January 2018

Are You Still Utilising Manual Hand Collection Labour To Keep Areas Free Of Micro Litter & Waste? 


Introducing a mechanical vacuum cleaning system into your Litter collection regime will save you time plus operating costs as well as minimise workplace injuries
If you are cleaning council malls and footpaths or shopping center car parks or landfill/ transfer stations or main road nature strips or education/ sport stadiums or even parks and garden areas.
We will have a mechanised vacuuming cleaning solution for you that will;

- Decrease labor costs.
- Reduce work related injuries.
- Collect micro litter including cigarette buts.
- Provide a more effective work force
- Increase productivity



aug litter vacuum solutions nl pro vac 1

  aug litter vacuum solutions nl gluton 1

  aug litter vacuum solutions nl debri 1

  aug litter vacuum solutions nl im 9000 1


Economical powerful, litter vacuum shredding capabilities.


Zero emission silent

operation self propelled

litter vacuum.

Debris Loader

Leaf/ litter vacuum system

with shredding capabilities.

Litter Master

No wear fan system. Bulk

capacity utility trailer mounted system.