14th December 2017

Urban Vacuum Solutions

Pro Vac has had industry-leading suction for the past 20 years and is equipped with the largest capacity bag in the industry. Proven to be 30% faster in debris cleanup compared to similar units.

This leaf and litter vacuum system has a 840mm wide vacuum head with a Vanguard petrol engine and a nozzle that automatically adjusts. Collect more debris and get the job done quicker with double the waste capacity of the nearest competitive unit. This unit has 30% more vacuum, and will enable you to get your clean up done in less time.


litter nl nov pro vac 2


This high volume bulk leaf/ litter vacuum has the highest reduction ratio in the industry and the most powerful suction available today. To achieve the highest reduction ratio in the industry of up to 15:1 we design our impellers with talon blades and toothed shredding capability.

A Square Discharge Chute keeps air and materials moving regardless if the leaves are wet or dry. This machine can vacuum up to 7,450 cfm of air volume that gives you 32% more suction than the competitive units.


litter nl nov debris loader 2

 litter nl nov pro vac 1    litter nl nov debris loader 1



Glutton is a self-propelled litter vacuum system that can be use effective on busy outdoors, indoors, Its integrated battery can be recharged anywhere, a 240v electric socket is all that is required. Thanks to its uilt in electric technology, Glutton is apable of proving an average of 10 hours of independent operation in normal usage between charges and requires
virtually no maintenance or replacement of spare parts. This machine can be
used anywhere and at any time, without causing noise and air pollution.


litter nl nov gluton 2


Litter Master 9000 is specially designed to provide rapid litter collection and clean up in car parks and along highways, roadsides, waste and recycling stations. The collection bag include in this machine is a low cost item that can hold up to 400 Litres of waste. Built tough to withstand harsh operating environments, the Litter Master 9000 has been designed with a focus on ease of use, easy emptying and minimal maintenance.


litter nl nov litter master 9000 2

 litter nl nov gluton 1    litter nl nov litter master 9000 1