1st February 2018

New for 2018!

Do you want a large waste capacity vessel of up to 1000 litres!


We can fabricate a high vacuum vessel with waste holding volume of 500 , 750 and 1000 litres, vessels can be supplied with an electro hydraulic tipping action or fixed angle welded to a platform frame.


gutter contractor nl jan 18 1000liter

Carbon fiber ground kit, vacuumthe gutter from the ground! 


ACS can now supply you with modular carbon fiber vacuum cleaning poles that can reach gutters up to 12 metres high from the safety of the ground. Each pole is 1.5 metres in length and weighs 350 grams!

 gutter contractor nl jan 18 carbonfiber pole


gutter contractor nl jan 18 gm2050 gm2030


Add our wireless camera and screen system to capture before and after photos for your clients.

 gutter contractor nl jan 18 cammera


Start Your Own Business

Own your own business and earn up to $100 per hour from residential gutter cleaning services.


gutter contractor nl jan 18 doller


Work Flexible Hours

Having your own business allows you to benefit from flexible work hours


gutter contractor nl jan 18 timesaving


Add To An Existing Business

Diversify your business for added security. Many plumbers, roof repair maintenance and service companies have expanded their business by adding gutter cleaning services.



gutter contractor nl jan 18 plus


New Ground Vacuum Tools

If you are engaged in the delivery of gutter cleaning services for Local Councils and or any State government institution you will more than likely be required to deliver the gutter vacuum

cleaning services from the ground. Our carbon fiber vacuum poles will solve this.



gutter contractor nl jan 18 safe