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19th Oct 2018

Do you operate a facility that generates dust?


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Did you know that combustibles dust on girders & overhead piping can also lead to potentially dangerous scenarios?


Introducing a programmed vacuum cleaning regime with your own industrial vacuum system will save operating costs and can also assist in dramatically reducing slip and falls from dust on footway areas.

We can supply the correct vacuum cleaning system and carbon fiber vacuum poles to vacuum clean overhead items up to 15 metres high.

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Atex Vacuum Cleaners certified for zone 20, 21, 22 environments


All electrical components and accessories are designed to prevent electrostatic accumulation. HEPA filtration, continuous duty operation and stainless steel construction power supply ranges from 2.2kW - 4 kW

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Continuous Duty Extreme Performance Vacuum Cleaners


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Compacted Portable Vacuum Systems


Super Mini portable vacuums that allow raising the hopper and dumping collected material into a tote box, NOT on the floor as competitive machines do.These compact industrial portable vacuums offer two types of vacuum producer, positive displacement or regenerative vacuum pump. Both are designed and rated for continuous duty.


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Compacted Portable Vacuum Systems


The Mini portable vacuums cleaners are portable, completely assembled, and will fit through a 2.5 m high door. The Mini Series can also be optioned as explosion proof vacuums and have been designed for continuous duty.


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Millennium Series Industrial Portable Vacuums are engineered to provide long service life with minimal maintenance attention! Each vacuum has a standard 1500 Litre hopper capacity which means less time travelling to dump material and more time working


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