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26th Sep 2018

Urban Litter Vacuum Solutions

Litter Master™ 9000



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 High Air Flow:

Litter Master's extremely high flow, easily vacuums 750 ml glass bottles over 10 metres hose lengths. Waste/ litter can be vacuumed at rapid rates via the 203 mm/ 8 inch vacuum hose.


Versitile Litter Collection:

Litter Master™ is designed for car parks, transfer stations, landfills, Local Government & education facilities. The electric Litter Master™ is perfectly suited for industrial soft waste vacuum clean up duties.

Clean Fan System:

Litter Master's new proprietary impeller design makes no contact with the vacuumed material. No more impeller damage and or wear.


Large Waste Capacity:

Litter Master™ collects vacuumed waste into a biodegradable waste bag system that is easily removed due to the horizontal design.


Stainless Steel Construction:

Litter Master™ is manufactured from stainless steel to avoid corrosion, it is perfectly suited for outdoor environments.