litter vacuum

  • Felt bag with integrated dust skirt
  • Single speed self-propelled models only (KV650SPH)
  • 5-blade serrated impeller
  • Large puncture proof wheels
  • Briggs and Honda AIV cooled engines
  • Mulching impeller system

Ideal for residential or smaller commercial property leaf and litter maintenance, Billy Goat’s versatile 27” wide lawn and litter vac has variable height adjustment for hard surface or turf work. 12” tyres on the push unit and rear wheel drive on the self-propelled unit make operation simple even in hilly turf environments. Optimised nozzle configuration improves suction and debris flow and handles hedge clippings leaf and litter with ease.

leaf vacuum machine

  • Adjustable front opening gobbler door
  • Large waste bag and easy removal system
  • 3 speed transmission (self-propelled model MV650SPH)
  • Adjustable height control
  • Large puncture proof wheels
  • Vacuum hose kit with handle (optional)

Ideal for larger properties, commercial lots, leaf cleanup, rental, parks, city streets, school districts, or municipal festival cleanup leaf and litter. Powerful 6-blade impeller for maximum suction and debris reduction. Picks up cans, bottles, grass clippings, litter and other debris with ease. Abrasion-resistant composite housing components reduce weight and won’t rust or dent.

Gutter Range