vm 1550 1

This model has been specifically designed for high pressure water cleaning service providers.

By simply attaching the vacuum hose to your rotary hard floor high pressure tool you can now clean and capture water from hard floor surfaces.

The system will vacuum collected water for distances of up to 50 meters into a collection tank or colllect into 2 205 Litre interceptor drum, fitted with our liquid pump out system to pump liquids inot a sewage of waste of waste trap interceptor for continuous service.

There are no filtration or recycling filters or systems to clock, thus damaging expensive to repair high pressure pumps. Connect our vacuum hose and vacuum system to your rotary floor tool (double skin for best results). System is supplied with our engine/genset powered vacuum skid, hose and hose reel, 205 Litre drum interceptor head fitted with out pump out system.

The Extractor Master will save you time and allow you to work in areas that require immediate water collection, no more water run off into the storm water system.

truck extractor master 466x300

2030 350x300