Vacuum Tools

Having the correct vacuum tool is critical to getting the job done efficiently and safely. Whether you are cleaning from the ground or from the roof you need the the tool right there to save you time and money.

Gutter Master Vacuum Tools

Classic Tappered Carbon Fiber Pole Kit

ACS™ Classic Tappered Carbon fiber pole kits are robust, light and economical way to deliver services from the ground, our carbon poles have non metallic vacuum ends to ensure weight is kept to a minimum.

Gutter Master Classic Tappered Carbon Fiber Pole Kit

Supreme Clamped Carbon Fiber Pole Kit

ACS™ Supreme Clamped Carbon fiber pole kits are robust and light with the added benefit of clamped fittings and rigid swan neck elbow at the end of the working pole. Nonmetallic vac tool ends are also a feature of the ACS Supreme carbon fiber poles.

Gutter Master Supreme Clamped Carbon Fiber Pole Kit

Roof Pouch Tool Kit

ACS™ Roof pouch tool kit provides you with the tools you will need when cleaning from the roof. Tools are held in a convenient belt clip pouch allowing the changing of tool ends whilst you are on the roof. Tools ends for this kit are made from thin wall aluminium.

Gutter Master Roof Pouch Tool Kit

Open L Rod

ACS™ rigid open L Rod is a lightweight rigid wand with a 50mm opening and 1300mm long. ACS™ rigid crevice end L Rod is a lightweight wand to get into tight gutters that have restriction due to tile overlap.

Gutter Master Open L Rod

Wireless Camera Kit

ACS™ camera kit has recordable function and is fitted with a clamped fitting for the screen and steel spring clamp for the camera for the classic carbon poles, our Supreme carbon poles have a clamped fitting for the camera to secure it safely.

Gutter Master Wireless Camera Kit

Large Item Vac Release

ACS™ large item vac release eliminates the need to lower the carbon fiber poles to clear the large vegetation plug at the tool, just simply open the slider, twist the pole and shake poles to drop the plugged debris to the ground, continue vacuuming.

Gutter Master Large Item Vac Release

Jazz's Gutter Cleaning

Jarrod from Jazz's Gutter Cleaning has shared a photo of a long series PVC vacuum wand that you can make quite cheap with parts from your local plumbing supply store.

Works a Treat!

Thank you Jarrod

Gutter Master Jazz's Gutter Cleaning