Gutter Master™ 1020 DISCONTINUED

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Australian Industrial Vacuum



  • Triple vacuum motors
  • 300cfm volumetric airflow

  • Gutter Master® 5 metres of 2.5 inch smooth bore vacuum suction hose

  • Wet and dry easy to clean filter

  • Power 3kw (3000 watts)

  • Gutter Master® Carbon fiber pole kit up to 12 metre reach (optional)

  • Tipping drum trolley with wheels

  • Stainless steel 100 Litre waste collection container


Gutter Master® 1020

Commercial Grade Gutter Vacuum System

The Gutter Master® 1020 is our basic entry level Gutter cleaning System designed for the user who is looking to clean their own property. It is designed to provide safe cleaning of Gutter channel from the ground using the optional ACS™ Gutter Master® carbon fiber vacuum poles kit.

Equipped with a triple vacuum motor head the Gutter Master® 1020 will provide the performance you require to get the job done safely with-out the use of ladders.

Whilst this unit is not manufactured by ACS® it has been selected and modified, the unit is supplied with a 1-year warranty backed by ACS®.


Industrial Gutter Vacuum system Gutter Master 1020

Gutter Master® 1020

Lightweight, Portable And Powerful

Whole unit weighs under 29 kgs ready to work, the lightweight commercial trolley with wheels allows easy moving around your property.

The Gutter Master® 1020 is the most powerful Gutter Vacuum unit available that can be powered via a 240 volt 10 amp power supply wall socket.

The optional Gutter Master® carbon fiber vacuum poles are the lightest poles available, their simple modular design allows users to reach gutters up to 12 metres high.


Industrial Gutter Vacuum system Gutter Master 1020 three motor

Gutter Master® 1020

Quality Gutter Master™ Accessories

The Gutter Master® 1020 has been modified so the machine can vacuum the normal waste found in roof gutter channels and to minimise blocking in the hose and machine inlet.

The Gutter Master® 2.5 inch inlet and Gutter Master™ 2.5 inch clear smooth bore vacuum hose work perfectly with the triple motor vacuum head allowing the unit to maximise on the airflow produced.

ACS™ Gutter Master® optional Carbon fiber modular vacuum poles will ensure that you are able to reach properties up to 12 metres high and clean them from the safety of the ground.


Industrial Gutter Vacuum system carbon fibre poles

Gutter Master® 1020

Easy To Use And Maintain

The Gutter Master® 1020 is simple to use, just connect the plug fitted to a 240 volt power socket, turn on the individual motor switches and start to vacuum.

The filter will accept wet and dry waste and is easily removed for cleaning. A high level water float will engage when the water level is high and stop water contamination to the vacuum motors. Keep the waste container, hoses , filter and tools clean and never leave a wet filter in the container over night to ensure the systems provides many, many clean gutters.

If you are looking to use a generator with the Gutter Master® 1020 vacuum system, you MUST use a pure sine wave generator with a minimum of 4.5kva continues power output. Failing to use a generator of this specification will permanently damage the vacuum system and render your warranty void.


Australian Industrial Vacuum
Australian Industrial Vacuum
Australian Industrial Vacuum
Australian Industrial Vacuum