Great action shot Protek 24/7 Building and Maintenance Services. This building and maintenance services team uses our Gutter Master™ 1030 vacuum system. Look forward to seeing where else the Gutter Master 1030 takes you Protek 24/7 Building and Maintenance Services. The team is using the carbon fiber pole kit, which allows you to safely clean gutter from the ground.

As a company, we are know for our vast knowledge, innovation and Australian designed and manufactured vacuum systems. We know the demands for service providers, councils, manufacturing facilities, etc, we know what works, we know what is required. With over 21 years of Applied Cleansing Solutions being in operation, we have thousands of our systems world wide. With our first models still going strong.

Australian design, engineering and manufacturing means quality, it means we know our systems and we offer the highest of standards of support.

  • Shipping worldwide isn't a problem
  • Support worldwide isn't a problem
  • Our spareparts are available world wide
  • Servicing agents are located Worldwide

We as a company are continuously researching and further developing our products. We listen to our clients demands and feedback, we assess the industry standards and this is when the innovation takes place.

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