Gutter Vac Systems

To get the best clean on your premises, you’ll need the right equipment. Different industrial vacuum cleaners are suited to different purposes, it may go without saying, so we’ve compiled a guide of the best industrial vacuum cleaners to help you choose. Whether you need a system for combustible dust, fine and heavy dust, powders, floor grinding and polishing, there is an industrial cleaning solution for you!

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners to Suit Your Purpose

Applied Cleansing Solutions offers a range of industrial vacuum cleaners. Specifically, we offer eight industrial vacuum cleaners to suit a variety of needs. Our units range from 240-415 volts, optional HEPA filtration, airflow from 210-700m³ per hour, and various filter areas. Take a look at our industrial vacuum cleaners for high in this descriptive brochure.

Extreme Duty Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

We also offer Super Mini, Mini, and Millennium extreme duty industrial vacuum cleaners for hire! Each of these units is portable and offers “no tools required” filter access. The extreme duty options have various individual properties to meet your needs, too. The Super Mini fits through a 920mm door and dumps its collected materials into a tote box. This is unlike other competitive industrial vacuum cleaners that dump onto the floor.

The Mini will fit through a 2.5m high door, is portable, and comes fully assembled. We can option the Mini for combustible dust collection if required. The mini can collect any free-flowing material in its generous 700-litre hopper.

The Millennium extreme duty vacuum cleaner is engineered for a long, low maintenance life. It comes standard with a 1500 litre hopper and reverse pulse jet filter cleaning system. Plus, it doesn’t have to be shut down for cleaning!

Learn more about all three extreme duty industrial vacuum cleaners for hire, right here.

Dust Extractors and Dust Collectors

Our dust extractors and dust collectors offer HEPA filtration, 1.2 to 5.5kW power, and units up to 70 dBA noise. You can choose from any of our eight HEPA filtered dust collectors, right here.

Leasing Our Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

The best thing about our industrial vacuum cleaners is that they are available for hire as well as purchase. Applied Cleansing Solutions can tailor a finance solution to suit you perfectly. Conserve work capital whilst enjoying the advantages of the best industrial vacuum cleaners for hire! We offer fixed-rate financing to improve your cash flow and assist in your planning process. We also offer leasing which allows you to use the equipment when you need it, rather than purchase outright.

Contact us to discuss your industrial cleaning needs and how we can match you with the perfect equipment for your premises. Applied Cleansing Solutions is based in Noble Park, Victoria, just outside of Melbourne, for your convenience. Click here to browse our website and our industrial vacuum cleaners on offer.